Pet Portrait Process Steps-Sophie Bliss Art

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Pet Portrait Process Steps

Process Steps
  • Send over your photos and idea for your pet portrait, you can email directly at Please have a look at the “Reference Photo Guide ” below to ensure the best images are provided.
  • We can discuss your needs and thoughts and I will answer any questions you have. Please also let me know if you need this by a specific date.
  • Once everything is agreed you can then send over your deposit to secure your place.
  • I will be in touch to confirm I am starting work on your commission.
  • I will email you a picture of the final piece for your approval before final payment is required.
  • Once you have confirmed you are happy with your commission, I will prepare for collection or delivery and arrange a date and time if you are coming to collect.
  • When the portrait is complete, I will post this to my website, Facebook & Twitter sites (@SophieBlissArt) unless this is a present, then I will wait until the piece has been gifted.

Reference Photo Guide

Please ensure when sending over photos of your pet for me to copy that the photos are as high quality as possible. The clearer the reference picture the better the portrait will be as I will be able to capture more detail.

It is best to take photo’s using a digital camera where possible and also taken in natural daylight.

As I work mainly focusing on your pets head and chest area, please ensure the photo you provide is a close up of your pets face and chest.

If you are having a multi portrait commissioned, all pets do not need to be in the same picture.

If the photo you provide is not clear enough I will let you know when you have sent them through.